Playing With Fire 2

Playing With Fire 2

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  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • Spacebar = Use Dynamite
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Description: An explosive duel with lots of dynamite! ...

Ever think a flash game would be made that involves trying to blow up an opponent utilizing strategy and carefully placed sticks of dynamite? Neither did we! Thankfully, Playing With Fire 2 delivers. With the use of various upgrades and power-ups available in Playing With Fire 2, you will hunt down and blow up your opponent(s). Use sticks of dynamite to break open containers so that you are able to move more freely around the level, allowing you to get closer to your foe. Be careful not to hit yourself, however, as getting damaged three times will be the end of you! To play this game, simply use the arrow keys to move your character and spacebar to plant a stick of dynamite.

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