Home Sheep Home 2

Home Sheep Home 2

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  • WASD = Movement
  • 1-3 = Sheep Change
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Description: Lead your sheep through the city ...

Home Sheep Home 2 is a very difficult and incredibly addictive flash game that has a reputation for frustration among its fans. This popular puzzle sequel focuses on three sheep and their journey through London as they weave through a maze of society. You control 3 sheep in this game, each one has a different speed, size and weight, all of which effect the challenges differently. You control your sheep with the ‘WASD’ combination , however you have to control each sheep individually in order to succeed in each challenge. In some cases you must stack on top of each other, while in other areas you must use them separately. Control your sheep and lead them home through the vast maze that is London city.

Home Sheep Home 2, 4.5 out of 5 based on 55 ratings