Motocross FMX

Motorcross FMX

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  • Left/Right = Throttle/Brake
  • Up/Down = Tilt
  • 1-7 = Stunts
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Description: Impress the crowd with extreme midair stunt combos! ...

In Motocross FMX, fly down the motocross track and launch yourself off the ramps. Pressing the 1-9 keys will perform different tricsk to earn more points. You must land your tricks perfectly or you will wipe out. Finish all of the laps while performing as many stunts as possible to earn a high score, and try to perform combinations of extreme stunts while in midair to impress the crowd. Use the left and right keys to accelerate or slow down, Use the up and down key to change the tilt of your bike, and use the 1-7 keys to perform various stunts on your bike. Lots of fun, especially for motocross fans!

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