Epic Combo

Epic Combo!

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  • Left/Right = Move
  • Spacebar = Hammer
  • S = Store
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Description: Hit the turtle for an epic combo ...

Epic Combo is one of the coolest flash games we have played to date. Turtles are flying out of a tube at and endless rate, and your only job is to hit a single turtle with as big as a combo as possible. Wielding a giant hammer, your character will smash down upon the turtle and send him flying into all of your strategically-placed traps! These traps include things like turrets, giant buzzsaws, and proximity mines. The bigger the combo you rack up, the more points you will earn towards buying new traps. Use the spacebar to slam down your giant hammer of justice, use the left and right keys to move, and press S to enter the store to buy new traps. We got a 5608 combo; what’s the biggest combo you’ve gotten? Editors note: we have nothing against turtles. We like turtles.

Epic Combo!, 4.3 out of 5 based on 18 ratings