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  • Arrow Keys =Movement
  • Spacebar =¬†Use Weapon
  • Shift = Pause
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Description: If you loved Zombieville USA, you will love this game! ...

If you were a fan of the games by Mika Mobile, you just might love this game! Zombocalypse is a flash game that takes place in the middle of a dark wooded area, and it’s just around the time for the zombies to come out! Rack up combos by utilizing the weapons drops you find on the ground, as well as special power-ups to take out a large amount of zombies all at once. This game is very similar to Zombieville USA for the iPhone and iPad; it is just as addicting, and best of all, it is flash and for free! Use the arrow keys to move your character around and to pick up weapons, space to fire your weapon or use your melee weapon, and shift to pause. This game gets pretty crazy; good luck!

Zombocalypse, 4.7 out of 5 based on 12 ratings