Tequila Zombies

Tequila Zombies

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  • Spacebar = Attack/Shoot
  • Arrows/A/D = Movement
  • Up/W = Machete
  • Down/S = Pickup Items
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Description: Kill your way through the horde ...

Tequila Zombies is an extremely fun zombie killer that has an incredibly fast paced, bloody survival style. Take your machete and start swinging through the fields of constant undead. As you kill through the map you can acquire multiple weapons, heath and ammo. Kill more zombies and buy bigger weapons, the bigger the weapon the more zombies you get to mow down. Move your character back and forth through the map by using either the Arrow Keys or ‘A and D’, while using space bar to shoot. Down/S allows you to pick up items, when your standing over them and Up/W allows you to use your machete while holding a weapon. Collect you arsenal of weaponry and kill all the zombies you see. The longer you survive the higher your score, so make sure you conserve your ammo!

Tequila Zombies, 4.4 out of 5 based on 26 ratings