Skullhunter Player Pack

Skullhunter: Player Pack

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  • Game utilizes the mouse only.
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Description: Spear your enemies with big arrows ...

Skullhunter is a click-and-drag shooting style flash game where you fire your balista at the skeletons that mock you behind wooden walls. The game is similar to Bowman, but contains a very different graphic style and level system. Your goal is to shoot your limited amount of arrows and kill all the enemy units by using as few as possible. Some of the obstacles on the field are not breakable so you need to shoot around them, while others need to be shot to move, the tactics change from level to level. You only have to use the mouse to click-and-drag your charge your machine, but the aiming gets tricky at times so placement is key. Control your balista, shoot all the mocking skeletons and knock down all the walls you can to achieve the highest score.

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