Mass Mayhem 2

Mass Mayhem 2

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  • Arrow Keys = Move/Aim
  • Space = Fire/Detonate
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Description: Create mass mayhem with a large selection of weapons! ...

This game definitely isn’t child safe. You play as a terrorist who’s sole purpose is to kill as many people as possible. Take out your bazooka, aim it into a group of civilians, and blow them to pieces. When you run out of ammo, simply run into a densely populated and rip off your jacket to reveal that your chest is strapped with C4, as you shout “You’re coming with me!”. An interesting game indeed. Play through the different forces of the world, including the US Army, Al Qaeda, the Nazis, and more. Earn more cash for the more amount of victims you kill or injure to purchase new weapons!

Mass Mayhem 2, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating