Highway Pursuit 2

Highway Pursuit 2

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  • R = Reload
  • Spacebar = Grenade
  • P = Pause
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Description: Flee to the border as vigilantes! ...

As vigilantes fleeing to the border, you are being chased down by border patrol! Fight off swarms of enemies, like apache helicopters, tanks, paragliders, trucks, police cars, and more! Blow up your enemies to earn more money towards more vigilantes, added protection against your armored car, grenades, repairs, and new guns. Buying new guns will allow for more firepower which will rip through your enemy’s armor easier. Buy wisely, and try to always have the perfect balance between defense and firepower; also, don’t be afraid to use grenades. When there’s just too many enemies on the screen to take on at once, press spacebar to blow everything on the screen up!

Highway Pursuit 2, 4.4 out of 5 based on 16 ratings