Endless War 4

Endless War 4

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  • WASD = Move
  • Arrow Keys = Weapons
  • R = Reload
  • F = Grenade
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Description: Fight off the hostile enemy invasion ...

In Endless War 4, you must fight through a grueling firefight between enemy soldiers! Outnumbered and outgunned, you must stand your ground against these foreign invaders. Pick up your trusty rifle, get your remaining men together, and show them what you are made of. Endless War 4 is about strategy; hide behind cover when you aren’t firing to avoid taking damage, and take out the enemy with precision shots from your rifle. To move your character in Endless War 4, use the WASD keys. To throw a grenade, use the F key, and use the arrow keys to cycle through your weapons. Press R to reload, G to pick up/drop a weapon, and the spacebar for your secondary fire. These soldiers do not look like they are stopping any time soon; after all, this is the fourth Endless War game!

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