Crazy Go Nuts 2

Crazy Go Nuts 2

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  • Game utilizes the mouse only.
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Description: Blast the squirrel out of the cannon! ...

We’re back for some more squirrel blasting fun in this sequel to Crazy Go Nuts! Crazy Go Nuts 2 is a cannon shooter where you must launch a squirrel to strategically take out as many stars, birds, and other baddies as you can in one combo. The bigger combos you achieve, the higher your score and multiplier will become, earning more points. Beating the target score for each level will help you advance to the next level and get even closer to beating this game! Crazy Go Nuts 2 has 40 brand new levels, including bonus rounds and miscellaneous mini games! With new types of nuts, wall structures, squirrels, and medals, there is plenty in this sequel to give the fans of the first game a whole new wave of fun! This game doesn’t require a keyboard to play; simply aim and click to send the squirrel flying into your targets.

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