Commando 2

Commando 2

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  • WASD = Movement
  • Q/E = Cycle weapons
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Description: A fun spinoff of Metal Slug with more weapons! ...

After successfully defending the Allies in Europe our Hero continues the battle where the original smash hit game Commando left off, following the action to the Far East! More missions, more enemies, more explosions, bigger artillery.¬†Commando 2 is an arcade stlye run-and-gun shooter, a clone of the classic Metal Slug. The best thing about Commando 2 is all of the weapons you can choose from and unlock; I think everybody can agree that walking around with 5 weapons is alot more fun than walking around with one.¬†All of the best parts about the classic Metal Slug exist in Commando 2; the enemies, helicopters, mini-bosses, bosses, random awards and points, the sprites… this is definitely one of the best Metal Slug clones on the internet.

Commando 2, 4.5 out of 5 based on 377 ratings