Bunny Invasion 2

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  • 1-9 = Select Weapon
  • Q/E = L/R Weapon
  • R/Space = Reload
  • A/S = Grenade
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Description: Blast the bunnies ...

Save the fine people in your pub from death by bunnies! These bunnies are not your average cute bunny, they are out to destroy your pub and get rabbit poop all over your walls! In Bunny Invasion 2, it’s your job to put a stop to their rampage, and show no mercy! These bunnies are ruthless, and if you don’t fight them off successfully, you’ll end up a bruised and bloody mess! Do yourself and the people inside the bar a favor, and grab your colt, some extra ammo, and get ready to go bunny hunting! Bunny Invasion 2 uses 1-9 to select weapons, R/Space to reload, Q/E to select a weapon, and A/S to throw a grenade. Let all hell break loose!
Bunny Invasion 2, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings