Boxhead The Nightmare

Boxhead The Nightmare

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  • WASD = Move
  • 1-9 = Change Weapons
  • P = Pause
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Description: Fend off thousands of zombies in an all-out attack!

You probably know we’re a fan of Boxhead games by now. Boxhead The Nightmare is the latest Boxhead game by Crazy Monkey Games. Among improved visual effects are some fun gameplay mechanics like adding a money and shop system to the game. As you kill more zombies, you earn more money to buy cool stuff in the store, such as barricades, turrets, and gun modifications. You can also unlock new skills, such as improved health, accuracy, and more. We think this makes Boxhead more fun than ever! New levels and unlockable turrets and guns make for much higher replay value, especially when there are turrets like lasers that turn a zombie into charred ashes! Boxhead The Nightmare has a camera that is much more zoomed out than the other games. Play Boxhead by using the number keys to change weapons, WASD to move, and click to fire.

Boxhead The Nightmare, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings