Road of the Dead

Road of the Dead

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  • A = Steer Left
  • D = Steer Right
  • W = Accelerate
  • S = Brake
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Description: Run over zombies and don't crash! ...

You have one goal and one goal only in Road of the Dead; get out alive! The zombie, debris, and police-invested road is going to be a long and dangerous one, so you must use your driving skills to get away at all cost! Steer into zombies to run them over, but be careful, one might cling to your windshield and cause you more trouble than you bargained for. Use the WASD keys to steer your vehicle, and avoid obstacles that could cause serious damage to your car, like burning cars and debris in the road. 10 points if you hit that zombie over there! What is the farthest distance you can get your character in Road of the Dead?

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