Mario Bros Motobike

Mario Bros Motobike

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  • Arrow Keys = Movement
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Description: Control Mario through another adventure ...

Mario Bros Motobike combines the racing aspect of motorbiking with the classic Super Mario platform game that everyone knows and loves. In this version of the game you control the mustached plumber while he rides atop his motobike through his an unusual map. You need to make him complete all the jumps while collecting as many coins as possible. You are also able to perform tricks in the game during big air jumps, such as flips, both forward and back. The more points you get from tricks the better your score at the end, just make sure you don’t crash or its game over. You control Mario by using the Arrow Keys to move and lean forward and backward, that allows him to do his tricks and earn points. Control Mario in another adventure through the platform puzzle while collecting all the coins and points you can.

Mario Bros Motobike, 3.8 out of 5 based on 35 ratings