Downhill Blitz

Downhill Blitz

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  • Down = Accelerate
  • Up = Brake
  • C = Perform Tricks
  • Spacebar = Jump
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Description: Snowboard your way to the finish ...

Downhill Blitz is fast paced, snowboard and ski racing flash game that is highly addictive and competitive. You start at the top of a hill and work you way down through a maze of turns, ice flats and jumps. During your jumps you can perform tricks as well as slide on rails to get points and bring up your score. You control your snowboarder or skier with the typical Arrow Keys which allow you accelerate, brake and steer. You also have to use the ‘C’ key to perform tricks as well as the Spacebar to jump. Control your downhill mountain racer while avoiding all the obstacles and performing as many tricks as possible. The faster you get to the bottom the more points you earn and the higher you place in your score.

Downhill Blitz, 4.7 out of 5 based on 13 ratings