Blood Car 2000

Blood Car 2000

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  • Forward = Gas
  • Left/Right = Steer
  • Back = Reverse
  • Spacebar = Handbrake
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Description: Running over civilians? Awesome! ...

This is our 200th game added to Scumlabs, so we figured we should pick out something suiting. Ok, so it isn’t called Blood Car 200, but still. We can swing it like we’re shooting for 2000 now that we’ve hit 200, right? Anyway, Blood Car 2000 is a hilarious and entertaining game where you drive around committing vehicular manslaughter in civilian-populated parking spots. This game has a fun pixelated style to it, and comes complete with awards. Have fun smashing down people’s fences, slaughtering innocent bystanders, and spreading mayhem!

Blood Car 2000, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings