Big Pixel Racing

Big Pixel Racing

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  • Arrow Keys = Steer
  • Z = Boost
  • X = Use Item
  • Spacebar = Enter Race
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Description: Grand Theft Auto meets Mario Kart! ...

Welcome to Big Pixel Racing, where Super Mario Kart meets Grand Theft Auto in a flash game. Big Pixel Racing is created by Big Pixel Studios, and is a fun racing game where you are in a pixel race car and you must beat your opponents to the finish line! Slide around corners, bump into their cars, and put your foot on the gas. Watch out for traps, and try to get power-ups! The story of Big Pixel Racing is you must join races and earn money to help your brother pay back some money, because hes in big trouble! Have fun!

Big Pixel Racing, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings