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Description: Just think of the balloons as enemies and darts as your friends ...

Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons is one of the more popular flash games on the internet, with millions of players around the world.¬†Bloons is based on the very simple fact that popping balloons is fun. Aim your dart, throw it, and pop as many balloons as you can to pass the level. You’re only given a certain amount of darts each level, so try to pop as many as possible with each throw! As levels get more difficult, strategy becomes a little more involved; powerups are introduced, like boomerangs, split shot, and ice balloons that freeze surrounding balloons. Some levels will take a few tries to get down; don’t give up!¬†Have fun popping your way through all 50 puzzling levels in this exceptionally fun puzzle adventure!

Bloons, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings