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  • Game utilizes the mouse only.
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Description: Fans of Warioware will love Binga ...

Fans of Marioware and other reflex/puzzle based games are going to love Binga. Play multiple mini games in quick succession, and attempt to solve each puzzle as quickly as possible. The puzzles get more difficult and sped up, so you have to do your best to keep up with the game, or else you will lose! Binga can get pretty difficult, so if you get stuck or frustrated, click the red Walkthrough link on the right hand side to get you back on track. Binga uses the mouse only, so no keys are required. Can you beat Binga in a record time? We loved Warioware, and we think Binga is a great flash tribute.

Binga, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings