Making Monkeys

Making Monkeys

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  • WASD = Movement
  • Spacebar = Throw/Pickup


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Description: Clone your monkeys and grab the coffee ...

Making Monkeys is all about making monkeys, the name speaks for itself and the game play follows. Your objective is to get to the coffee by jumping and gunning your way through the maze of platforms and floating blocks. Sometimes jumping isn’t enough, you might need some help and that’s when you whip out your gun and make some monkeys. You start out with the basic ‘WASD’ for movement, with the space bar being your action/pickup key. In later levels you get to use ‘R’ to restart the current level your on, that is a helpful shortcut for the harder levels. You also get to use your mouse to position your clones so you can complete the level and grab your cub of joe. Time to start the level, grab your gun and clone some monkey, because its time to get some coffee.

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