Ignite People on Fire

Ignite People on Fire

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  • Spacebar = Ignite/Hide
  • Arrow Key = Movement
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Description: Burn the enemy down ...

Ignite People on Fire fulfills a deep human desire for unrelenting violence and over whelming destruction. Lite yourself up and take to the crowds of frantic people, the more ash you make the more points your earn. Try and make contact with as many people as you can, but watch out for the rain because the slower you go the less points you earn. During your rein of fiery terror you can hide yourself to avoid this rain parade, that way you don’t slow down to much. The keys are simple the use, but timing is everything. Strafing back and forth with your arrow keys will work for a bit, but it takes timing with the space bar to get a high score. Burn your way through the masses, dodge the raining cloud and achieve your personal high score.

Ignite People on Fire, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating