Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

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  • Left/Right = Tilt
  • Up = Accelerate
  • Space = Action
  • Z = Eject
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Description: Your goal is to cross the finish line, with or without your limbs! ...

This game is an odd one. Strap your character into your vehicle of choice and run through a dangerous obstacle course, using your raw talent and survival instincts to keep all of your limbs. You will inevitably lose some limbs, however, and possibly your life; as long as you can keep moving forward, you must do so! This grizzly physics game is both humorous and addicting, although it is arguably not suitable for all ages. That doesn’t stop us from adding it! You will definitely get some funny positions crossing the finish line; our funniest is a broken hip, bending over with 2 broken arms, and a busted open head. Happy Wheels is very simple to play; use the Up arrow to accelerate, the Left/Right arrows to tilt, Z to eject, and Space to use the primary action for your vehicle.

Happy Wheels, 4.3 out of 5 based on 16 ratings