Hanger 2

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  • Arrow Keys = Movement
  • Spacebar = Release/Reattach
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Description: Swing your way to the level complete ...

Hanger 2 is a flash game that offers amazing replayability and endless entertainment for being a mere flash game. In this addictive game you must swing your ragdoll character through the caves and corridors in order to reach the checkpoint and complete your level. You must use your grappling hook to swing, detach and repeat in order to move. Your arrow keys are what let you swing back and forth as well as increase or decrease the length of your rope to make your way towards bonus stars, which earn you extra points. However, if you swing into a wall you will wind up loosing limbs or be forced to restart the game altogether.  Ragdoll swing your way through the various levels while earning as many points as possible.

Hanger 2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating