Battles of Britian

Battle of Britain

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  • Arrow Keys = Movement
  • X = Fire Weapons
  • Z = Increase Throttle
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Description: Fly your plane to victory in Britain ...

Battle of Britain is a dog fight flash game where you take control of an expert airmen of the 303 squadron during World War 2. In this airplane war game you start off with training for basic maneuverability and basic shooting, all while staying in patter. You can then split off and play the campaign or multiple to play with other people. You use the arrow keys to control you plane, while using Z to increase the throttle and X to fire your machine guns. After a few minutes the plane becomes easy to control, but once you go into combat everything changes and the intensity spikes. Battle of Britain is as much about air flight and tactics as it as a strategic shooting  and teamwork, making for an epic dog fighting flash game.

Battle of Britain, 4.1 out of 5 based on 30 ratings