The World’s Largest Video Game Collections

Published on February 7th, 2012 with  0 Comments

Largest Video Game Collections

What do you do with your old controllers, game systems and cartridges? Some people can’t seem to part with the accessories they collect over a lifetime of gaming, and they’ve created massive gaming collections that are also pretty impressive.

Vintage Computing and Gaming featured this now-legendary video game collection via back in 2006. The collector wasn’t even sure how many games he had, and called it his addiction. He stored his collection in his basement, and at the time, Vintage Computing estimated that he might have the biggest collection in the world (although some of the videos here suggest there are some pretty sizeable competitors).

Check out this video of Japanese games & systems – lots of familiar titles show up in these stills. This gamer is really organized and refers to his gigantic collection as a private museum.

The PC Museum in Ontario, Canada is home to all kinds of pieces of technological history. Though the museum specializes in computers, they’ve also got game consoles that visitors can play with, and they’re home to Canada’s largest video game collection. Check out this interview with the PC Museum’s curator, Syd Bolton.

Bonus: this color-coordinated collection of N64 controllers.

If you’re running out of space at home for your own game collection and can’t bear to sell or donate your games, an alternative solution is a mini storage unit. These men use their storage units as “man caves,” but you don’t have to go that far if you’re looking for a simple self storage solution. Decide on an organization system — organizing by release date or name is popular — and store away.

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