The Five Coolest Xbox 360 Mods

Published on October 24th, 2011 with  6 Comments

Xbox 360 mods have long been a favorite of gamers and Xbox enthusiasts. From mild case modifications to complete overhauls of the system and controller, there are guides all over the internet and products that make personalizing your Xbox fun and easy.

With most case mods, basic tools are needed, like a soldering gun, solder, a complete screwdriver set, and some patience. These mods are all done at your own risk, and we take no responsibility for how you use these mods, nor do the manufacturers. Take caution!

It’s best to stick with easy modifications if you have little experience; be sure to do your research. Let’s get started.


1. Custom Xbox 360 Light Ring

Custom Ring of Light

The Xbox 360 Ring of Light is a more difficult mod, and requires that you disassemble your Xbox 360 and solder new LEDs onto your board to give it a new look. But damn, does it look sweet.

Simply find replacement LEDs to solder onto your board to take place of the old ones. This user has Blue and Red LED’s now for his power light. It looks awesome! A quick Google search can find some tutorials on this modification.


2. Case Side Window Modification

Case Side Window

This case side window modification is a perfect starting mod, lets you peer into the inner workings of the Xbox 360; very cool!

The benefit to having this mod is that, once you start adding other modifications to the inside of your Xbox 360, you’ll be able to show off all of them through your sexy new side window! You can install things like lights and fans to really dress up the interior, which brings us to our next mod…


3. Lights and Fans

Lights and Fans

If you’ve installed a custom side window in your case, some custom lights and fans will sure set it off and make it look very custom!

You can pick up some cold cathode or LED lights to install in your case for a pretty good price; they are inexpensive and fairly easy to install. You can also get LED fans, which are fans that are lit up with colored lights. These are must-have if you went through the trouble of getting a side window.


4. Rapid Fire Trigger Mod

Rapid Fire Controller

If you don’t already have a rapid-fire trigger controller, and you are fairly comfortable with modifying electronics, you can install a rapid fire trigger modification in your controller.

A rapid fire trigger is an on/off style feature that lets you shoot single automatic weapons at full auto speeds; this means no more button mashing when you want to shoot fast. This could be a real edge over your opponents in online games.


5. Custom Color Controller Shell

Xbox 360 Controller Shell

Modify that boring white controller into something different and unique! Your friends will never mistake your controller for someone else’s again with a custom shell.

There are a huge array of colors and styles available, such as solid colors, reflective, see-through, gold and silver, and more. They are also fairly easy to install, as they does not require removal of the joysticks, rumble packs, or triggers.

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  • Jeremy

    Complete disassembly is not required for swapping out controller shells, you do not need to remove the joysticks, rumble packs, or triggers..just sayin.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for pointing that out Jeremy, you are absolutely correct! I just edited that part, thanks.

  • Max

    well i have chrome controller i want steady aim and rapid fire please!!!

  • Fjenkx

    This is seriously cool but I’m a fail at all that stuff

  • Scott

    The custom ring looks awesome!

  • Ryanford1291

    rapid fire shouldn’t be on this list, it should be on a list like, “ways to appear like you don’t suck” (cheating)