Mystery Ball Now Available in the App Store

Published on November 4th, 2011 with  1 Comment

Following up on our Mystery Ball preview back in September, we’ve got some big news: Mystery Ball is out in the App Store today. It’s sporting an attractive opening weekend price of $0.99 (after this weekend it will be $2.99). Head to the app store and get it!

Mystery Ball was made entirely by one guy, David Howe, from start to finish. That’s an impressive feat in a world where most games take a team of designers, coders and art directors.

Here’s a quick reminder of the gameplay: FRED is a ball who is dropped into a strange world, the confused, disoriented subject of a professor’s experiment. He’s got to conquer his chronic fears, which include aphephobia, acrophobia and chronophobia: fear of being touched, fear of heights and fear of time, respectively. FRED works his way around enemies and obstacles to reach the exit pipe in each world. As he conquers fears, he gains new abilities.

Mystery Ball’s levels are rendered in 3D, which makes them stand out in a field of 2D games. Check out the trailer, art and more below.

Get Mystery Ball in the app store here!

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  • Scott

    Already bought this game and I must say it’s absolutely amazing! I can’t put it down!