How to Create a Flash Game in Three Easy Steps

Published on March 31st, 2012 with  0 Comments

How to Create a Flash Game

Creating your own flash game is not hard compared to what most of us think. In fact, the whole process can be done in just three easy steps. However, if you are serious about developing your own flash game, expect to spend months or even a year for this purpose.

Coming up with an original flash game would require a lot of work since you need to consider hundreds of game objects, settings, strategies, levels, and so on. Nonetheless, this can be a great source of income especially nowadays where flash games are very in demand. This article will help you know how to make a flash game by simply following three easy steps.

Flash games are called as such since the application used to create them is called Adobe Flash. To start creating your own flash game, of course you need the latest version and an original copy of Adobe Flash. Your computer should have enough speed to test the flash games as well as a stable internet connection. Finally, one who has excellent imagination can only make a great flash game. You should come up with a unique game play that has never been seen before if you aim to make the best flash game.

What It Takes to Create a Flash Game

Learning flash programming is very essential in creating your first game. The language that is used on this matter is actionscript. To meet deadlines, planning is imperative. It is vital that you come up with an effective schedule where your time is utilized effectively on both design and programming tasks.


Test for Bugs

The initial game should be tested in search for bugs and various glitches. Some who are interested to know how to create a flash game tends to forget this step so they end up releasing a game with a lot of errors. You do not need to do the testing since there are gaming communities found online who are willing to do it for you. The only thing left for you to do is upload your game so they can provide comments and feedbacks.

Searching for a Sponsor

You spent a lot of time and exerted a considerable amount of effort just to come up with a great flash game so now is the time to compensate all your hard work. Keep in mind the searching for a good sponsor is imperative. The sponsor will purchase and put a brand in your game. The price will entirely depend on how promising your flash game is. However, this is not the case for some newcomers in this industry where they just cannot find any sponsor. There is still a way to earn from your game and that is through online advertisements. This can be done by setting up a site where you can place all your games and host various paid advertisements.

Game development may seem fun but it needs a lot of dedication. The overall process needs to be repeated over and over again, not to mention that a success game developer needs to have a lot of creativity as well. Nevertheless, nothing can be compared to a job where you will earn while having a lot of fun.

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