CS:GO Confirmed Gameplay Modes

Published on February 27th, 2012 with  2 Comments

CSGO Gameplay Modes

If you are reading this then you have probably played any of the Counter Strike series developed by Valve Inc. Counter Strike started off as a simple game that wasn’t supposed to pull in much attention, but it did just the opposite. Counter Strike became the number one online action game in the world, bringing a huge community to online competition and casual play. In 2004 Valve came out with the sequel known as Counter Strike Source.

Valve upgraded the gameplay engine and the graphical engine and it became a success; Valve has sold over 25 million copies of the game around the world. After eight years Valve has finally announced the next installment of the First Person Shooter that was big enough to start it’s own religion. Professional gaming communities such as Revolution Effect are strapping up to get prepared for this upcoming title. Counter Strike Global Offensive will be installed on millions of computers around the world this year in 2012 and that is a very exciting thing to look forward to.

Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the most anticipated games of the year and will be competing with many big name titles coming out this year. Counter Strike Global Offensive from what is known, has a Call of Duty 4 graphical feel mixed with the source engine which is highly liked in Counter Strike Source. Jumping from Counter Strike Source to Counter Strike Global Offensive will be better graphically; they upgraded the graphic engine and added new visuals such as helicopters flying above and the recoil and reload actions on the weapons. Granted, Valve understands that their graphics engine won’t come close to competing with games such as Battlefield 3 running off the Frostbite 2 engine, but they would rather have smoother gameplay than top of the line graphics. They are adding more default maps than the previous Counter Strike games and adding new game modes as well.

VIP mode CS:GO

The only CONFIRMED game mode additions are VIP mode which one person one your team is a valued target and you have to protect him as he gets to the escape point. If the VIP dies your team has lost. The other CONFIRMED game mode is Arsenal mode which basically is a gun game type of mode in which players start with a pistol and earn a new weapon with each consecutive kill. Valve has also added new weapons such as a moltav grenade and the “Zeus” which is a taser weapon but of course more to come on the weapons.

Valve has also confirmed Ranked Match Making, they have not leaked much information on Ranked Match Making other than they are working to keep the pros playing the pros and the beginners playing the beginners.

Now the big thing that is making people feel as if Christmas is coming twice this year is the promise of Cross Platform. That is right, finally Xbox, Playstation, and PC gamers will finally be able to duke it out. This will make competition huge within this upcoming title. This game will spark the interest of casual gamers and competitive gamers a like.

There are many rumors and speculation on what Counter Strike Global Offensive will offer but what is listed above are the 100% CONFIRMED facts that Valve has released to the public. This game promises two specific things,smooth gameplay and a lot of competition. Many communities around the world casual and competitive are lock n’ loading. Thousands of servers have already been pre-ordered in ecstatic anticipation of this Titan being released this year of 2012.

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  • Funnil

    From what I know it will be cross compatible with the PS3 and PC. Not 360 however.

    • Himsa

      Microsoft did throw up a wall when CSGO mentioned they wanted cross platform. I have heard however that wall has been knocked down.