Complete List of Zombieville USA Characters

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Complete List of Zombieville USA Characters

Zombieville USA is an addicting cartoon zombie-shooting game for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and was also recently made available for Android smartphones.

The game by Mika Mobile has some fantastic illustrations that are unique to their games; the crisp and cartoony cell-shaded art style is a favorite among gamers. The 7 characters in the game are no exception.

We will show you what each of the game’s characters look like, as well as their special abilities, their weaknesses, and their preferred fighting style!

We have gone through and played the game as each character, just so we could write you this comprehensive and complete list of all of the characters that star in the game. We hope you enjoy, and if you haven’t purchased Zombieville USA already, we highly recommend you buy it; it’s a fantastic game!


The doctor is one of the top tier characters in Zombieville. The doctor revives about 15% of his health every time he walks into a house. This skill becomes very valuable as you get into the higher levels where health really matters.

He is also a well-rounded character in both melee weapons, firearms, and movement, making him an excellent choice for you to play as. With a college degree in Zombology, how could you go wrong?


The Ninja is also a top tier character in Zombieville. A very fast runner, and lethal with melee weapons, this character is almost exclusively a melee fighter. Put a katana in this Ninja’s hands and he is unstoppable! The main drawback to the Ninja is if you put a gun in his hands, it is about as useful as a BB gun; thankfully, his mastery of melee weapons and speed makes up for it. The ninja is a very fun and effective character to play with, and whats more intimidating to a zombie than a Ninja with a katana running your way?


The S.W.A.T character is the third and final top tier character. He is so talented with a firearm he’ll make the other character’s accuracy look like that of a six-year-old’s. His special ability is he is particularly deadly with firearms.

The downside to the S.W.A.T. guy is he is a very slow runner, and can’t melee his enemies worth a damn, which makes the last levels a bit tricky. But this guy is so badass he wears glasses at night. He can handle danger.

The Survivor

The Survivor is your average, well-rounded character. He is very average in almost all aspects of the game; melee attacks, firearms, and movement. He doesn’t have any special abilities that will help you in this game. He is apparently very popular with the ladies, but there aren’t any ladies around, are there?

The Survivor is a good starting character as you get used to the game, or if you want to play as a shotgun wielding redneck with a deep hatred for zombies!

John Gore

The Zombieville USA community has reacted to John Gore’s appearance in the game, and it doesn’t seem very positive. He is one of the weakest characters in the game. He dies very quickly, and his firearm skills are nothing to brag about.

His special ability is that he finds ammo everywhere; if you go into a house, be prepared to come out with 100 more shells for your gun! If you are a trigger-happy player, this character might be for you.


The Clown is a pretty well-rounded character. He seems to be more comfortable with a firearm than with a melee weapon, but he gets by just fine using both. There is nothing scarier than a clown going around bashing zombie’s skulls in!

The Clown’s special ability is that he finds money everywhere; he finds money almost every time he goes into a house, so be prepared to finish each level with a boat load of cash! This lets you unlock very powerful weapons fairly quickly.


The Foreman is a construction worker that doesn’t mess around. He does a ton of damage with his preferred weapons of choice; chainsaws and explosives! Unfortunately, he is unable to use the flamethrower or the laser.

The Foreman is not very spectacular with a gun, but he is above average with a melee weapon. Just get enough money to get a chainsaw into his hands and he is practically unstoppable!

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