Super SOPA Bros

Super SOPA Bros

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  • WASD = Movement
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Description: Run through the censorship ...

This censored game is about censorship with in the internet and how censorship shouldn’t take place on the web in the manner it was proposed. Super SOPA Bros is a spin off of the classic Super Mario Brothers, the only really difference is that every interactive part of the game is censored. Everything from your character and enemies to the blocks and landscape. You only have to use the classic ‘WASD’ for movement, can’t get much easier than that. Help your censor block run through the censored platform maze and get to the censored end to claim your censored victory prize. Watch out for the censored enemies though, you don’t want to go into the censored abyss full of censorship.

Super SOPA Bros, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating