Super Mario Flash

Super Mario Flash

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  • Jump = Up key
  • Fireball = Space
  • Move = Left/right keys
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Description: The original Super Mario game, reborn in Flash! ...

Play as either Mario or Luigi in this brilliant Flash version of the classic Super Mario Bros games. Super Mario Flash includes a fantastic level editor, which is probably the best part about the game. Create your own levels, save them, and play them! The game includes instructions on how to use the level editor. Use the Cursor Left and Right keys (Arrow keys) to move, the Up Arrow key to jump, the Down Arrow key to crouch and the Space Bar to throw fireballs. To save any levels that you’ve created to play another time or to share with friends, click the “code” option in the level editor menu for the game that you want to save. Next, click on “copy to clipboard” to copy the code for your level into your computer’s memory, then paste that level code (control + v) into a Notepad document. Save it to your computer as a Notepad .txt file (ie. “hard-mario-level.txt”). To play your saved level next time you want to play Super Mario Flash, it’s as easy as opening the .txt file you saved to your computer, copying the level code back into your clipboard (once in notepad, do a control + a to select all, then control +c to copy), then paste the level code into the large white box in the game (click inside the box first, then “Ctrl” +”v”). Click “Load” then click “Play”, and you can play and edit that level again as you wish.

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