Super Mario Crossover

Super Mario Crossover

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  • Arrow Keys = Movement
  • Z = Jump
  • X = Attack
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Description: Play Mario with other Nintendo characters! ...

Super Mario is undoubtedly one of the greatest arcade games ever created. In this 8-bit mashup, Super Mario Crossover lets you play as not only Mario, but also as Link from Zelda, Megaman, Bill R., Samus from Metroid, and Simon from Castlevania. Sure, you could play as Mario, but why do that when you can play as Bill from Contra and shoot Goombas with an automatic rifle? This is a fantastic idea made into a very entertaining 8-bit flash game. To play, use the arrow keys to move around your character, X to attack, and Z to jump. If you’re a Nintendo fan, you might find yourself playing this flash game for entirely way too long!

Super Mario Crossover, 4.3 out of 5 based on 11 ratings