Kung Fu Remix

Kung Fu Remix

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  • Z = Punch
  • X = Kick
  • Arrow Keys = Move
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Description: An 8-bit arcade fighting game ...

Fight dozens of enemies in this side scrolling arcade beat-em-up! Your enemies are nearly as well trained as you are, and will put up a good fight. You must be a smart fighter to take them down and maintain your health and stamina. Collect floating power-ups with flying jump attacks and use them to power up! When your life depletes you will lose the level, so try your best to take out your enemies without getting hit. Use the X and Z keys to punch and kick, and use the arrow keys to jump, duck, and move. If you were a fan of old Nintendo fighting games, this game just might suit your fancy. Eliminate all enemies without dying!

Kung Fu Remix, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating