Go Go Plant

Go Go Plant

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  • Up = Fly
  • Down = Drill
  • Left = Catch
  • Right = Punch
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Description: A simple but amazing arcade game! ...

Go Go Plant is a genius flash arcade game with excellent visual effects as well as sound effects! Use your propeller to fly above your enemies, your drill to drill under them, your net to catch money, and your first to punch through brick walls as well as enemies! This game is a very fun interactive game that is both entertaining and somewhat challenging; you have to pay attention, or you might just end up running into spikes or into a brick wall! Go Go Plant only require you use your keyboard to play, and does not utilize the mouse; simply use your arrow keys to use your plant’s weapons. The story behind Go Go Plant? A fat couch potato has turned into a plant due to a nuclear disaster; nothing stands a chance against this nuclear plant-man!

Go Go Plant, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings