Go Go Plant 2

Go Go Plant 2

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  • Up = Fly
  • Down = Drill
  • Left = Catch
  • Right = Punch
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Description: A flying, drilling, catching, punching plant! ...

In Go Go Plant 2, you play as a punching, jumping, flying, and drilling plant who won’t let anything get in it’s way! This fun arcade-styled game lets you jump over obstacles, drill under them, or fly over them. Use all of these moves to collect money as well, and stay alive for as long as possible! Go Go Plant 2 has no movement, and uses the arrow keys for each various action. Pressing Up flys upwards, pressing right uses your punch, left uses a net to catch, and down drills under the surface of the ground. As the game says.. “Good luck!”

Go Go Plant 2, 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings