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  • Arrow Keys = Movement/Jump
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Description: Get your ball to the target exit ...

Coloraze is a tactical platform puzzle game in which you control a ball that must complete a map filled with various obstacles, traps and puzzles. You lead a small ball to the exit of each map, but its placement is never the same and the objectives become increasingly difficult. Every map you progress through offers a more difficult challenge than the previous map, whether its in the form of a puzzle or an problematic route. Throughout the game you will find a variety of colored blocks, each one having its own effect when being touched by the circle. You control your ball with the basic Arrow Keys that allow you to roll around the map and jump from ledge to ledge. Take control of your ball and lead him to the exit, the quicker you roll the better your score.

Coloraze, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating