Bubble Struggle 3

Bubble Struggle 3

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  • Arrow Keys = Movement
  • Spacebar = Shoot
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Description: Shoot all the balls to win ...

Bubble Struggle 3 is the 3rd remake of the highly popular Bubble Trouble series. The game is different from most flash games, your purpose is to destroy all of the bouncing balls without being touched. You must time your way through the bouncing red balls that multiply 3 times after explosion, before it is truly destroyed. You destroy the bouncing balls by shooting a squiggly sting up towards the ceiling that kills them on contact, the catch is that the string only lasts until it makes contact with the ceiling and then it disappears. Along the way you get new weapons and new powerups to help you last longer and kill more. Time your movement and kill every ball you see in Bubble Struggle 3.

Bubble Struggle 3, 4.6 out of 5 based on 14 ratings