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  • Arrow Keys = Movement
  • Spacebar = Jump
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Description: Sprint your way through both Verge levels ...

Verge is an amazing adventure game that offers both a dark and light side to the game play. The flash game operates like a platform, but plays like an adventure and at the same time it contains various puzzles you must complete for each level. Your goal is to lead your character through the maze to the exit door which always lies behind a series of challenges. Verge differs from every other game with a multilevel playing field that mix puzzles for completion. At the same time, you death leads to the underworld as well, which requires you to fight and jump your way out. Move your unit with the classic Arrow Keys combination or ‘WASD’ if you prefer, Spacebar is also an alternate jump rather than the ‘up’ direction on the regular keys.

Verge, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings