TU 95

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  • F = Wing Position
  • G = Landing Gear
  • H = Eject
  • Arrow Keys = Movement
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Description: Fly your bomber to its goal ...

TU 95, better known as Mission of Tupolev 95 is a flight simulation game where you must learn to steer, take off, and land the soviet bomber. You play through a game of 6 levels where each one is harder than the last. Most of the missions offer various objectives, so your constantly improving in your flight skills. You control your bomber with the keys F, G, H, Spacebar and Arrow Keys, a bit more controls than most games. You control the flap style with F, G is for the landing gear and the arrow keys control the plane. Learn to fly the soviet bomber in order to become a flying professional and complete all you missions for Mission Tupolev 95.

TU 95, 4.4 out of 5 based on 26 ratings