Test Subject Green

Test Subject Green

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  • WASD = Move
  • Spacebar = Shoot
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Description: Play as a lab experiment in a maze with hostile organisms ...

In Test Subject Green, you play as an experiment that is closely examined and watched by doctors in a lab. You are a green blob that runs around in a nano suit, shoot enemies and finding your way to the end of each puzzle. Test Subject Green is constantly pitted against new organisms that the lab creates to see how it stands up against them. The item at the end of each level is a piece of food, and as a lab-made chemical, you need it to survive! You are a rat in a maze, being watched closely by scientists. Jump in your nanosuit, pick up your ray gun, and show them that you are no ordinary experiment! Test Subject Green uses the WASD keys to move, and Spacebar to fire your ray gun.

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