Sonic Flash

Sonic Flash

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  • Left/Right = Move
  • Space = Jump
  • Spindash = Down + Space
  • Pause = Enter
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Description: The best flash remake of Sonic the Hedgehog! ...

Are you a fan of the Sonic games? Prepare to be treated to one of the most accurate flash remakes of Sonic to date. Sonic Flash has original levels, sounds, bosses, and gameplay. Play the game with 4 different characters; Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream and Cheese. Each character has their own special trait unique to them. After you beat the game with a character, you unlock a cheat for that character. Avoid taking damage; when you are hit, you drop all of the coins you are holding. If you are hit and you have 0 coins, you are sent back to the nearest checkpoint. Press the left and right keys to move, space to jump, and enter to pause. To perform a spin-dash, hold the down key and press the spacebar.

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