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Paper Mario World

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  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • Space = Hammer
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Description: It's up to Mario again to save the princess! ...

Paper Mario World is an all-original platforming game inspired by the classic Super Mario World and the design of Paper Mario. The Princess is captured once again by the evil King Bowser and needs your help! Use the arrow keys to move Paper Mario and jump, while using the spacebar to pound your hammer. Collect coins, eat Mega Mushrooms and use power-ups throughout the stages. To save your progress, use passwords obtained at the end of levels to resume where you left off. Familiar game mechanics from old Paper Mario games are introduced in this world, such as smooth 2D graphics and using the hammer to defeat Goombas, as well as new obstacles like falling boulders! Advance through the mushroom kingdom and defeat Bowser to save the princess!

Paper Mario World, 4.4 out of 5 based on 14 ratings