Hobo 4 Total War

Hobo 4 Total War

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  • Arrows = Move
  • A = Punch
  • S = Kick
  • P = Pause
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Description: Burp and fart your way through city streets! ...

In Hobo 4 Total War you play as a hobo who is drunk and ready to show the town who is boss! In this new addition to the Hobo series you will get all the filth you expect and even more. With new combos, graphics, sound effects, and weapons, this game will keep you grinning as long as your hands are on your keyboard. This time around you are taking on the U.S. Army. Unfortunately for the Army, you have nothing to lose, and are drunk on determination! This hobo is going to put a serious dent in the U.S. Armed forces; he will show them what really happens when you wake a sleeping homeless by pistol-whipping him.

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