Dungeon King

Dungeon King

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  • WASD = Movement
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Description: Destroy the oncoming enemy waves ...

Dungeon King is a fast-paced, slash and kill RPG where you must cut your way through the field of enemies in order to make it to the next stage in the game. Each part of the game has variousĀ barrels to destroy, items to collect and monsters to kill. The enemies get tougher, bigger and have more health as you continue through increasing levels of difficulty, all requiring a little more strategy as you progress. You control your barbarian with the typical ‘WASD’ keys while you use your mouse to aim and attack with your sword. Grab you sword, put on your game face and head down to the dungeon to destroy the hordes of evil enemies that lie beneath the the cities surface.

Dungeon King, 4.2 out of 5 based on 56 ratings