Mario Combat

Mario Combat

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  • Left/Right = Move
  • Up = Jump
  • A = Attack
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Description: Mario just got a whole lot cooler ...

What does Mario do best? Well, kick Bowser’s butt of course! In Mario Combat, you do more than just jump on your enemies to defeat them; you kick their asses! Punch, kick, and slam your enemies to the pavement to overcome your obstacles. Is there a Goomba in your way? Kick the living crap out of it! Using the A keys attack your enemies with a fury of kicks and punches. In Mario Combat, if you’re falling off of an edge, jump your way back up! Everything about this game screams “kick-ass”; we hope you have as good as a time playing it as we did. Priceless!

Mario Combat, 3.9 out of 5 based on 10 ratings