Madness Lunacy

Madness Lunacy

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  • Arrow Keys = Move
  • A = Attack
  • D =┬áPick up Weapon
  • S = Jump
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Description: Fight your way out of the Madness Lab to survive ...

Remember Madness Day 2011, when flash game developers around the world created Madness games such as Madness Accelerant? Madness Lunacy is a game where you wake up locked away in the Madness Lab, surrounded by weird robots and creatures. You must play as the two survivors, Hank and Sanford, and beat up your enemies to escape the lab. Press 1 and 2 to alternate between your characters and use different fighting techniques. As you are controlling one character, the computer automatically plays as the other character. Use the arrow keys to move, A to attack, S to Jump, and D to pick up a weapon. Fight for survival in this awesome action game!

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