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Learn to Fly

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  • Up/Down = Tilt
  • Spacebar = Rocket boost
  • Left/Right = Angle
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Description: Who says penguins can't fly? ...

Learn to fly is about a Penguin who, after searching the internet on some penguin history, finds out that penguins are “flightless birds”. Determined to prove the world wrong, he busts down his door and sets off to begin his adventure.¬†You start off attempting to fly by sliding off of ice jumps. As you earn more money for your research, you can unlock hang gliders, rockets, and upgrade your stats. You can upgrade your hang glider and rockets to more advanced, high powered models, that will push you father and farther. The more achievements you unlock, the more money you earn to fund your research.
The penguins ultimate goal is to reach 6000 feet. Can you help him do it?
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